Circle Of Leeches

Circle Of Leeches

The very things that can kill us can also heal us.  Circle of Leeches is a poetry collection that illustrates some of the binary relationships that present themselves in the beautiful struggle we call life.


there are all kinds of people
people who love
people who hate
people who love to hate
people who are racist and discriminate
people that talk the talk
people who walk the walk
weak people that need help
strong people that know self
people who play and have fun
people that cry and never won
people who lie and deceive
those people you can’t believe
people who are sincere and people you can really feel
people who have direction and are smart
people that don’t know where to go or where to start
people who work hard at their job
then there are those people who only know to steal and rob
people that go to church and sing
people that are spiritual and simply do the right thing
people who live life to the fullest and are careless
but we cant forget the people that are pessimistic and hairless
there are all kinds of people
which one of them is you or
you could be a combination of more than two

plugged in
tuned out
eyes locked in
zoned out
to media interaction
breath in
breath out
all the plastic
and pussy
caged in the clouds
suffocating from the smoke
high on drama
low on karma
what’s this life all about
frozen in time
as the loop loops around your mind
disconnected from the world
plugged into the lie

let it sit
marinate in it
soak and saturate
time infinite
squeeze the hands of time
slow it down
unwind the moment in your mind
absorb what it is
down to your bones
this moment is your’s alone
under the earth
in the sky
this moment is everything’s why

initiations and invitations
rejections and digressions
desperate to be one in many
unique as the clouds in the sky
categorized and humanized by nature
illusions and interpretations
lost in translation
radio silence
no real communication
post to tag influence
follow what makes sense
the truth is out there
get on your knees
dig thru the mess
rich soil
fertile to the soul
love, peace, and happiness
its all in the bowl

watch the left
fear the right
the duality
of civil liberties
split and conflict
fighting for each cause
good and not so bad
in a world of choices
and free will
God has given us
a dichotomy of lies
a paradox of pain
the Gemini in all of us

the want to have without work
handouts and giveaways
to much is given , much will be required
taken without notice
slowly over time, crock pot of shit
seaped to the marrow
robbing and stealing, lying and deceiving
in the pursuit of happiness where enough
is never enough
indulgent is the only goal
sucked dry
ferment like rye
drunk and blind

moving with the grain
inside the box
following the next man in front
without a second thought
blind mechanic

stuck in one place
in a comfortable coffin
with just enough space
to survive day to day
living a lie
smile on your face
masking a silent cry

gasping for air
searching for light
darkness consumes
as your sprit takes flight
still in the ground
because of and despite

the before and after of a thing
emotions contained
realized and moralized
while the present
pushes us forward
then pulls us back

don’t give what’s not yours to give
love and adoration
outside the lines of the of the broken circle
leaking out and sticking to the sides

your mind lies to your heart
break it before its broken
exposing jagged edges
cutting from inside out
let go of the fantasies and confront the realities
it will consume and turn your heart blue
leaving a pound of dead flesh in your chest

like a zombie
eating my own thoughts
being in a side world
living in the middle
centered on nothing

I thought she was real
when I met her
like a velvet rope
she wrapped around my heart
so soft but deadly
not feeling the friction until
I started walking the red carpet
into my thoughts
hung up from the start
withered branches
forbidden fruit
I wish that I knew
they eat all the parts
head to toe
from the beginning
til its dark

sweets and sours
delicious desires
every minute of the hour
clouding the mind
burgers and fries devoured
tall cakes and white cream
living a Willy Wonka dream
real life hits you with combos
drowning in soda fountains
sliding down sugar mountains
white powder
white grease
lubricating your grip
no hold, just release
no control, just yeast
cheesy layers of residue
clogging the vessels inside of you
buy products of waste
keeping you slow and sluggish
coming back for more no haste
stretching your neck
exercising your jaw
teeth and tongue pickled
like a cucumber in a jar

expose the bad
accentuate the good
they take so much
but give what no one could
the joy in the smile
the laughter in the heart
the part when they tear your heart apart
the legacy
the heredity
its in them
but its not yours
you can’t lead them
they’re meant to explore
the world without you
when you’re gone
the memories will do
beyond space and time
they are who’s who
investigating the world
without a clue
sucking the beautiful life out of you



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