Hard Wear

We have just scratched the surface of augmented reality, but I can foresee science fiction getting closer to reality every day.  Sex and technology will become more intertwined as we move toward quantum computing.  Here is a snippet from a piece I worked on a while back. Please be aware that it contains MATURE content.

They met with a friendly embrace, slow and deep in accordance. His lips touched her cheek with a succulent pop, prepping her for more. With both hands, he grabbed her ass up and towards his hips. Creating an impromptu audience that couldn’t help but get distracted by the gesture. Surprised, she instinctively pushed him back. Not in a forceful way, but in an embarrassed or timid way. Not sure what to make of what was happening to her.

“Hey.” She grabbed his arm forming the hug she felt was appropriate. The trunk popped open as she went around the back of her black Honda Civic and into the driver’s seat. Her reaction didn’t phase him. He knew what needed to happen and slid into the car without hesitation. She waited until he put on his seatbelt. The sexual tension was discernible. You could wrap yourself around it. It consumed the air in the car, the fuck scent was in the walls and tattooed on the seats.

“What’s going on? I mean, with all the kissing and grabbing? “

He paused like an actor getting into character for the scene of his life.

“I need you to draw that line for me. Set the boundary, so I can erase it, decorate it, curve and string it around your heart. It’s undeniable to what we can be. But there’s been some miscommunication, mixed signals. Right now I hope you hear me loud and clear.”

His hand reached underneath her sundress, in between her thighs. He dominated her with his gaze, his mouth satisfied his appetite with her; taking her breath away with every stroke of his tongue and fingers in sync.

“Wait. Stop,” she whispered in between breaths, searching for a lifeline to pull her out of this sun shower, but it was no use. She felt weak, helpless. It was what needed to happen and she knew it. The unconscious moan that came out of her body was proof.

“OK, ohkay,” she said defeated and submissive.

He took the AR glasses off his sweaty face. An erection pushed against his zipper, begging to be released like a wild animal from a cage. He had to make sure these new modules work, and the best way was to experience them himself. Voggles Labs was on the cusp of releasing their newest product to market. And this was all the proof he needed to give the green light to the team of marketers, distributors, and production lines.

“You Ok?” she stared at the bulge in his pants.
Embarrassed he turned around and made an adjustment.

“Yeah, I'm cool.”

“You working late tonight ?” she asked with a giggled undertone.

“Yeah, trying to get this out asap. I’m about to head out.”
She playfully stepped in front of him. “Can I try it?”

“Uhhh, give me a second. I need to change the module protocol.”
She grabbed the glasses from his hands.

“No worries I just want to see what got you all hot and bothered.”
He froze as she put the glasses on. A few minutes into the simulation, her hands were in between her thighs, rubbing her lips through her leggings. She reached out into the air and grabbed his zipper. What came out was unexpected and larger than life. She had always wondered what he was working with, but the glasses augmented reality.

She grabbed his cock and started stroking like a pro. 
He looked at the door, praying nobody walked in. Hoping his boss wasn’t working late. This would definitely get him in trouble. At the same time, he knew he had a million-dollar product as he came in her hand.

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