Pork Rinds

“Son.” The old man whispered.  “It’s not worth it.  That cop is waiting on you, he will kill you for nothing, some chips and cookies.  Think brother.”  The young man in a hoodie, looked past the old man.  “Move,” he whispered with wide eyes. 

He circled around the back of the store then walked along the side to the door.

“Sir, stop.  Don’t move.”  The cop drew his .44.  “Lay on the ground.”

The boy ran to the back of the store.  Gunshots ripped thru the aisles of cereal and candies.

“No.”  the old man screamed as loud as he could. “NOOOOO.”

The blood splattered all over the Krispy Kreme box of donuts.  A single bullet thru the neck sent the retired teacher to the floor with a thump.  His legs folded under him. 

“Are you fuckin crazy?  What the fuck?”  The young man ran over to the body.  There was no hope, his eyes were empty, his soul was gone. 

“My Gawd.”

“Stand the fuck up and move against the wall.”  The cop barked.


The young man unzipped his hoodie to reveal a bulletproof vest and a badge dangling around his neck.  The tears ran down his face then onto the Kevlar protection.

“I’m FBI motherfucker, you fuckin trigger happy bitch.  I can’t fuckin believe this.”

He lifted his hands into the air then on his head.


“It wasn’t supposed to go like this.”  The agent screamed.  “Get your ass on the floor, face down, hands behind your back.”  As he withdraw his concealed Glock.

In a blink of an eye the bullets rang out, ricocheting around the store.  A crowd emerged on the sidewalk, not sure what to do.  .

The two law officers exchanged gunfire as they ran for cover.  A mélange of snacks and soda littered the store. 

“I’m fuckin FBI, nigga, FBI.  Get on the ground, face down.  NOW.”  The agent’s voice came out of the corner.

More gunshots went off.  The windows of the store were now shattered with pieces of glass obstructing the sidewalk.  The crowd dispersed spilling onto the street.  Two other cop cars blocked the street.  An unmarked vehicle pulled right onto the sidewalk, barricading the front door.

“The truth is you fuckin dirty pig, we got your ass and were gonna get all of yall, the whole fucking crooked pen.  I’m coming out.”  He threw his gun at the cop and slowly stood up with his hands raised high.  He turned around and stepped backwards. 

“Get on your knees NOW.” The cop demanded.

His golden FBI badge clearly visible despite the layer of the old man’s blood.  He was put in cuffs and escorted out of the building.

“Dude, he’s FBI.  You’re fucked.”  The other officer said as he took the agent into custody.

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