Role Reversal

Lauren walked out of her building into the parking lot carrying her purse and a workbag.  The parking lights were flickering but might as well been off.  She looked around in the darkness.  This had been the second late night working on a business plan for a new high profile client. 

“Oh shit.”  She put the dead phone back into her purse and grabbed her keys.  Placing one key in between her middle and ring finger.  She would typically call somebody whilst walking to her car at the edge of the parking lot.  She tried to get her steps in any way possible, according to her doctor she needed to lose 30 pounds NOW.  The flashing headlights lit up the area when she touched the biometric door handle of her white Audi Q3.  She slid in with urgency and put her workbag and purse on the passenger seat floor.  Locking the doors immediately.  

“Uhh, what a day.”  She slid her heels off and put on her TEVA flats.  Her wig suddenly occupied the passenger seat.  As she adjusted herself, she caught a glimpse of red against the leather rear seats.

Lauren twisted around and looked into small twinkling orbs.

“What the hell?” she shouted.

A baby, maybe 8 months old, laid in the backseat enveloped in a red blanket.  It just quietly watched and smiled at her reaction.  She looked around the parking lot, immediately knowing this was a major problem and she needed help. The baby continued to laugh and smile.  She got out of the car and opened the rear passenger side door.  She picked the baby up and held him close.  It smelled like fresh powder. The chocolate infant was beautiful, cute enough to eat.  Its curly brown hair was thick and everywhere.  Its hazel eyes looked at Lauren with recognition.  She smiled back “You are so gorgeous.  Yes you are.  Look at you.  Little milk dud.  WOW.”

But there was something familiar that changed her demeanor to confusion. 

“Why do you look like my dad?”  She asked looking into the baby’s pupils.

“That’s because I am.”  He laughed.  His voice like an angel.

Lauren froze as the baby talked good English with direct eye contact.

“I’m back Lauren.  I’m back baby gurl.”

She dropped the infant onto the back seat.  He rolled onto the floor of the vehicle.  She slammed the door shut and ran back towards the building.  Her head swiveled around the parking lot not sure what to do.  She hesitantly approached her car but it was like there was an invisible force field keeping her away.  She stood there for a second with her hands on top of her corn rolls.  

“Breathe, just breathe.” She said as she moved closer to the car. 

Lauren opened the passenger’s side door.  As soon as she grabbed her purse she remembered the dam phone was dead.  

“Fuck.”  She closed the door and ran back to her safe position.

“Fuuuuuccck.” She said as she shook her hands like a dog’s tail.

She saw white lights come around the corner.  A car slowly approached.

“Ma’am, are you ok?”  The cop asked at Lauren with genuine concern.

“Officer, oh my god.  NO-I-AM-NOT-OK.”

“Did you talk to him?  It’s been happening all over the city, all over the world in fact.  Talk to him.”  The cop smiled and nodded his head.  “TALK-TO-HIM.”

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  • This is some next level thinking ! Wow. I’m interested in seeing what’s going on with this story.


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