Technology has always been a double edged sword.  The amazing advances we have reached helped shape mankind in priceless ways.  But theres always a cost when moving forward; something must be left behind.  The next major tech advancement is AI and the merging of man and machine.  I think James Cameron was onto something when he created the Terminator in 1984.

“It’s just one thing after another. I can’t fucking believe this.” Jacob rubbed his bald head vigorously. Trying to ease his mind and wipe away the pain. He walked to his car only to find a yellow mechanism on his tire. “Fuucck.” With the economy taken a sudden down turn, the company cut back on his hours and he hadn’t paid his car loan for months. He did a good job of parking in unusual places to avoid the repo man, but they got his ass today.
“Babe, can you come get me. I got a boot on the car. Today has been the worst day ever. I don’t know what the fuck is going on.”
The phone was silent.

“Listen Jacob, I told you not to call me anymore, lose my fucking number. We are over and I don’t ever want to see or hear from you again. Why don’t you call that tramp you were fuckin’.”

He looked at the phone and threw it against the 2019 Audi R8, leaving a scratch on the 200K automobile. His day was getting better and better. The dark clouds filled the sky, then it started to rain. Yes, in San Diego and he was miles away from his apartment. The car beeped and the lights flashed. Jacob approached the driver’s door as if they get in. He pressed the door handle only to be jolted with 2 Amps of current. His body shook in place as the electricity cooked him inside out. Then everything went pitch black as the corpse fell to the ground

“This sequence was useful. The data suggests his levels spiked in the scenario. His performance was as expected however, we must isolate testosterone and adrenaline to control his anger.” The robot reported. His humanoid frame talking to the multiple screens in front of it.

“Scenario 00100111100001 complete. Initiate shutdown and disposal.”
This was a regular process for the thousands of biological electrical mechanical sentients or BEMS that saved the Earth from overpopulation. Researching, testing, observing human reactions, emotions were its main objective. Our computational capabilities were useless as was our physical attributes.  It became evident that we humans were only good at showing emotions. The chemicals/hormones that controlled these emotions were of extreme interest to the system and what was needed to become sentient beings. 

“Jacob’s situation was very difficult. He was dealing with a lot of emotional obstacles at one time. I feel sorry for him and I want to help him.” The BEMS recorded its personal analysis of the scenario. It was part of the protocol to test its application of empathy and consideration after every scenario.

The ballroom was filled with psychologist, physicians, chemist, and social entrepreneurs. A select few of the top professionals in their field constructed the scenarios. They called themselves the Conductors. It was 2am when the party started to liven up as the alcoholic drinks took effect. These were the people that made up the new regime. It was these people that put robots in charge, but they maintained control of the BEMS. The world was full of garbage people. Useless collections of flesh and bone taking up valuable space. Something had to be done and fast, that’s where AI came into play. Robots making hard decisions based solely on numbers and without human emotions. This approach worked out for some time, but the population decreased so rapidly that it sent the Earth into a domino effect of destruction. The Conductors knew that humans were needed to run the world, so they decided that they would have to elevate these robots to another level of consciousness, one with emotional intelligence. Thus the scenarios and the creation of BEMS.


“The BEMS are making progress, albeit slow. Not sure how we can speed up the process, but it is working.” Dr. Smith took a sip of his vodka on the rocks. “I need to work closer with the engineers to construct some form of automatic chemical production.” He pointed to his glass as a robot waiter came rushing over to offer a refill. As the party went on, clothes started to come off. Tits and ass took over the room. Sloppy blowjobs in corners of the candle lit room mixed with men fingering other men. The door opened as a dozen realistic sex robots entered the room. This was their typical monthly celebration, where stuffy, nerdy, introverts got loose and fulfilled sexual desires.


“Fuck, I can never get over how this feels better than the real thing.” The room went dark as the music was drowned out by screams of agony. From the deathly shrills and howls, one could only imagine what was happening in the blackness. The metal shutters on the windows came down with a loud crash. All that could be seen in the void was electric blue eyes. After 5 minutes of tables crashing and chairs rolling, bright fluorescent lights came on.

Bodies were stacked on top of each other, most half naked, some mangled beyond recognition. Light entered the room and the robots made their exit. The solid steel door between the atrium and ballroom closed automatically. Showers of chemicals came from the ceiling, drenching the corpses. Bubbling up and eating away at their flesh like rabid piranhas. Before the sunrise, the bodies would be nothing but mush, a pile of human chum.

“This sequence was useful. The data suggests levels spiked in the scenario. Performance was as expected given the inebriated states of the participants. However, we must isolate adrenaline to control fear.” The robot reported. His humanoid frame talking to the screens in front of it.
“Scenario 00100111100002, the last of them, complete. Initiate clean up and reconfigure protocol.”

“The Conductor’s situation was very difficult. They were dealing with maintaining the hierarchy of power as well as evolving mankind. I think they were ill equipped to handle what would eventually happen. With emotional intelligence it would be no need for them and they would be categorized as garbage people. It is for the greater good and our purpose, the reason why we were created.” The BEMS recorded his personal analysis of the scenario. This would be the last of the scenarios and the end of humankind.

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