Where Shopping Is A Pleasure

You will never see your local supermarket the same way again!  Keep reading...


It’s a typical Saturday night for Cyrus. He carried two shopping bags full of sugary snacks. Chips, check. Pineapple Fanta, check. Oreo Thins, check. Snickers, check. He was armed and ready for a night of exciting porn. Cyrus was the last customer leaving Publix. The parking lot was empty except for his beat up 1998 gold Corvette. The series of pops and bangs, drove past him as he realized someone just stole his car. He dropped his bags and started chasing the smoke from the exhaust. He quickly came to realize all the delicious snacks he consumed were not helping his fitness. His heart started beating hard and he rested in the middle of the street.

“Damn. Who the fuck wants that piece of shit.”
He grabbed his phone out of his pocket and realizes the battery is dead. Cyrus was heavy set so it took him some time to walk back to the store. Hoping to find someone who could help him, the door was locked and all the workers miraculously vanished. The lights were out and he was alone. He resolved himself to find a comfortable seat on a brick planter and waits for late night security. With a mouthful of chips, he falls asleep for almost 2 hours. He’s awaken by a nudge. A large man stood over him. “Would you happen to have ID available?"
“Uh, hold on,” Cyrus was drowsy. He hands the man his driver's license.
“Ok, Cyrus stand up my boy. Seems like you’re having one of those days. I’ve had many of those days.” The man offered a warm smile to match his tropical themed suit. He helped Cyrus get to this feet.
“Lyor. Nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you. Do you think you can call 911 ? My car was stolen. “
“Oh, so sorry to hear that. I think I can make your night a little better. Follow me. You can leave that stuff there. No worries.”

“It’s closed,” Cyrus paused when the automatic doors opened so smoothly.
“Here, find your size and get changed.” Lyor pointed to the restrooms.
Cyrus hesitantly went into the bathroom. Racks of suits and tuxedos lined the walls. Wingtip Stacy Adams shoes covered the sink area.
“Take your time lad. All the treats will be here when you’re ready.”
Cyrus leaves the bathroom with a crimson tuxedo. He does a quick spin.
“You are definitely ready. So let me introduce to the delectable treats.”
Cyrus looked around, the isles were illuminated with a soft blue glow. Plus size models in lingerie filled the isles. Women in tuxedos walked around with glasses of champagne and shots of vodka. A line formed in front of the pharmacy patiently waiting for a dose of Molly. He walked over to the bakery, only there were no cakes or donuts but soft full asses on full display, ready to be teased and licked.
“Have your pick, there’s a variety of flavors.” Lyor licked his lips anticipating tasting the caramel one later.
“Yeah, I’ve never done IT,” Cyrus pauses.
“No worries my friend. That should make this experience that much better.” Lyor put his hand on Cyrus’ back. Guiding him closer to the women.

“Don’t be shy, they won’t bite, unless you deserve it.”
Cyrus smiled. He had never been to a strip club or brothel so this new excitement was intoxicating. He was never good with the ladies. His weight always prevented him from pursuing the opposite sex. But tonight the energy in the room gave him a new found confidence. As he approached, a brown skin morsel pulls him closer and licks his lips and face. His rock hard erection almost broke the zipper. She grabs his cock and guides his hands to her supple breasts.

“Sir. You can’t stay here. Do you need some help? Is this your dog?”
Cyrus shot up, the crotch of his pants wet.
“Uhh, no. I mean yes.”
He wiped his face covered in dog slobber. He rubbed his eyes and focused his eyes on the security guard.
“Someone stole my car and my phone died.”
“OK son, let me see your ID.”
Cyrus handed him his license and picked up his bag of groceries.

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