The Golden Ratio - 1.618

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The Golden Ratio - 1.618

The Golden Ratio is a number which can be used to create harmonious layouts and naturally pleasing designs.  

The ratio itself is called Phi or 1.618. It is derived when two quantities are divided in a way wherein the ratio produced is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger one of the two quantities. 

Golden Ratio Rectangle 

Excerpt from Wikipedia

Two quantities a and b are said to be in the golden ratio φ if
One method for finding the value of φ is to start with the left fraction. Through simplifying the fraction and substituting in b/a = 1/φ,
Multiplying by φ gives
which can be rearranged to
Using the quadratic formula, two solutions are obtained:
Because φ is the ratio between positive quantities, φ is necessarily positive:


 Here is an awesome video that ties everything together!



In conclusion, the Golden Sprial can be used to provide a framework for all your design decisions. You will need to practice before you can start to implement these ratios into your logos. The more you use it, the more you get accustomed to referencing it when creating various design elements. 

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