2021 Top 5 Logos of Black Owned Natural Hair Companies

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2021 Top 5 Logos of Black Owned Natural Hair Companies

So you might be wondering why natural hair is still a topic of discussion in 2021. Well, natural hair is always going to be of interest for Black people because of the history of Blacks in America and the cultural complexities of their hair.  Natural hair tends to represent a lifestyle that embraces self expression and self love which has been systematically attacked over the last 400 years but I digress.  

The above mentioned are only a few of the results that you get when you leave your hair the way God intended and treat it with natural products.

The focus of this post however is to talk about the top 5 Black-owned natural hair product logos in 2021 and how great branding has elevated their company.

Note that these logos are not arranged in any particular order and all rights are reserved by their respective companies. Let’s ride:


1. Dr. K: This company is owned by the prominent Dr. Kari Williams who has a PhD in Trichology. The company produces healthy products for textured hair and spray that is made with tea tree oil. The effect of their products on your hair is that it breaks lumps and makes the strands of your hair thicker. By using their product, your hair is conditioned.

The company’s logo immediately makes you assured that you are about to handle a natural and consequentially effective product.  The logo is simply ‘dro k’ written in small letters. It is usually written in black script on a white or grey background. The beauty of the logo is in its simplicity.


 2. TPH: Taraji P Hensen Scalp and Hair Care is another company with a beautiful concept for a logo. The logo is created simply with the combinations of the letters ‘T’, ‘P’ and ‘H’, but the fact that the name of the celebrity behind the brand is also written in a curved direction above the logo makes the company products marketable. A lot of people naturally want to share from the endless benefit of the company simply because of the name of the celebrity attached to it.   


3. Canviiy: Canviiy is owned by Sherrel Sampson, a successful woman who once struggled to get rid of irritation and itchy scalp. The logo is written simply in a font that is close to, but not Bahnschrift Light. The scripts are broken with lines in between the letters and the ‘ii’ is underlined. It is usually written in green scripts on white background. The simplicity of the logo is why it earned its position here. Many users are attracted to simplicity in any logo, it makes the brand distinct and easily recognizable. 

Canviiy Logo

4. Bask & Blooms Essentials: If you’ve overcome the challenge of postpartum shedding with your hair, then you are likely familiar with Bask and Blooms Essentials. The company is owned by Candera Thompson, a successful black woman who has had a bit of a struggle with her hair too.

The logo is a beautiful combination of orange, green and black colors. The orange lines make up a sun that shines around the beautiful scripts in black. A green symbol ‘&’ joins the words ‘Bask’ and ‘Bloom’ and beneath these texts is the word; ‘Essentials’ written in block letters with even but distanced spaces in between each letter. 

Bask&Bloom Logo


5. Pattern: Pattern uses an illustration of the owner's face, Tracee Ellis Ross. The idea behind the packaging simply shows that their products make your hair full and shiny. A quick glance shows that it is a hair product that targets those with wavy/curly hair.

On many Pattern products, the typography overlaps the face of the logo which gives it a clean and simple look.

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