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The Golden Ratio is a number which can be used to create harmonious layouts and naturally pleasing designs.   The ratio itself is called Phi or 1.618. It is derived when two quantities are divided in a way wherein the ratio produced is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger one of the two quantities.    Excerpt from Wikipedia Two quantities a and b are said to be in the golden ratio φ if One method for finding the value of φ is to start with the left fraction. Through simplifying the fraction and substituting in b/a = 1/φ, Therefore, Multiplying by φ gives which can be rearranged to Using...

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Being a creative, I have moments when I feel mentally blocked.  STUCK.  I have several ways to get back into my flow.  But my first go to is music.  I use it to stir up emotions and tap into my higher self.    If you don't Moses Sumney, I'm beyond happy to introduce you to his music!  Here's my latest inspiration, Quarrel, from Moses Sumney. Enjoy!      

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" God Is A Designer " -  Chris Do Logos are like people. They come in different shapes and sizes.  Some are well put together and pleasing to the eyes.  While others could use some TLC :D.  One of my favorite practices to find design inspiration is people watching.  The subtle curves of the human body can spark an idea that can be translated to a logo. It's critical to know what emotions you want a brand to convey via the logo.  The color, shapes, and layout should be chosen to tap into a certain psychology response that aligns with the company...

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