The Cookout App Branding

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The Cookout App Branding

If you haven't heard of the Cookout app, now you know! Here's a quick blurb from their website:

Are you tired of being banned on social media for… being Black? Have you ever been harassed by a racist, sexist, or homophobe and been informed they weren’t “against community standards”? Does it affect your mental and emotional health? Does it make you feel unsafe, silenced, or dismissed? Don’t you ever want to just be with people who understand you? Enter The Cookout Online. The Cookout was created by three Black, LBGT+ Women who met via social media, and, like you, were tired of being targeted for online abuse for having the audacity to embrace their identities loudly and proudly. As entrepreneurs, they understood and acknowledged the importance of having a public social presence for entrepreneurial pursuits, but they also wanted a place where people like them could engage in social media safely. A digital home. Thus, The Cookout was born to address the pain points many Black users experience with larger social media apps. 

I'm definitely here for it and wish them much success!  But let's take a look at their branding, specifically the logo and what it represents.

©The Cookout App



The name Cookout is synonymous with Black people coming together for a BBQ which typically includes activities like Spades, Dominoes, drinking alcohol and big laughs. I completely love it.  The app is meant to be a comfortable place for and by people who may not feel at home on other social media apps.  So with that being said, let's get into the logo. 

  • It features a grill with a flame surrounded by a location ticker. 
  • An arrow that seems to be saying bring it back home.  It's a simple logo, but I feel it could be cleaner and more sophisticated.  I understand its in an infant stage but the logo comes off unbalanced and generic. 
  • The colors are interesting.  Black comes off as sophisticated and strong.  Yellow is often used to evoke happiness and fun times.  

I would only hope that the app experience embodies all that is missing from the other apps.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) the app is by invite only so I don't know how it feels but it does have five star ratings on the app store. Let's support these three young ladies and ultimately support the culture!

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