TikTok Is Good For Business, Black or NOT.

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TikTok Is Good For Business, Black or NOT.

Regardless of the recent statement made by TikTok that they purposely suppressed Black creators, TikTok can catapult your brand awareness into the stratosphere. Black or NOT!

With more than 800 million users a month, the TikTok platform is ahead of Facebook and Instagram in popularity. In this post we’re going to tell you about the brand’s history and identity as well as the recent admission from high level executives.

TikTok: History, Features & Differences With Musical.ly  

In 2016 ByteDance, a Chinese tech giant first launched Douyin for creating short videos. In a year the service reached 100 million users and was introduced to international markets under a new name — TikTok.

Meanwhile in the US, Musical.ly, a similar app released in 2014 was gaining its popularity. Its users could create 15-second lip-sync or dancing videos.

In 2017 ByteDance acquired Musical.ly for $1 billion. Both platforms existed alongside one another: Musical.ly in the US and TikTok on other foreign markets. However, in a year ByteDance announced the platforms’ merge with a joint mission to establish a community where everyone can become a creator. All Musical.ly accounts were automatically transferred to TikTok.

TikTok’s Brand Identity: Colors, Fonts & Symbols

The company’s identity hasn’t changed much over the years of its existence. The colorful note showing the app’s relation to music has been the logo from the very beginning. Let’s dive deep into TikTok’s identity.


The logo represents a three-color note (pink, blue, and white) against the black field. It was no accident: the designer was inspired by a rock concert with a dark hall and a stage lit up. The emblem’s distinct feature is that it looks like 3D: neon colors overlap each other thus signifying music vibrations.

Aside from the classic version, there are three more color palettes with a white, pink, and blue background.

TikTok logo


The authors of the logo have chosen a simple sans serif font. Initially, the name consisted of two separate words Tik and Tok. Later the space between them was removed but both parts of the word are still capitalized. When the words were put together the font became even more rounded and the “i” dot was no longer of square-type.

Evolution of the TikTok logo

Source: 1000logos.net

Each brand identity element from colors to symbols represents the brand’s concepts – simplicity and creativity. The logo’s minimalism allows it to be implemented for various tasks including a favicon and the app icon.

Last Words

The influence that this app has is incredible and can't be ignored.  They have taken ownership of their racist behavior towards Black creators and plan create policies within the company to address this.  It's unfortunate that this is another example of technology bias that negatively affects the Black community. Let's wait and see if they walk the talk.

As we focus on our culture during this Black History Month, this is a reminder that ownership is key and having OUR own is the only way to ensure we are treated fair and just.  Working within the system is important but more importantly is creating our own system that caters to Black financial growth and prosperity. 

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