Top 6 Cannabis Logos

Top 6 Cannabis Logos

Despite the pharmaceutical lobbying and its legal limitations, the Cannabis industry keeps growing stronger each passing day.  As a business owner in this industry you need to have well packaged branding and efficient marketing philosophy to be successful. We will look at the branding aspect of the industry, specifically the logo. I have listed six of my favorite Cannabis company logos which should inspire entrepreneurs and graphic designers in this billion dollar industry. 

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The Top 6 Cannabis Company Logos


1. Leafs By Snoop

Leafs By Snoop

This company is owned by the famous and renowned rapper Snoop Dogg. Leafs by Snoop offers a wide variety of edible products such as chews, gummys, and chocolates. What makes this logo unique is that the company name is loud and clear and the sharp geometric shapes. The leaf also communicates what the brand is all about.  FYI this logo was designed by the award winning firm Pentagram!


2. THCheese


An imaginative and captivating logo design with a vintage style design. This logo design managed to effectively combine the Cannabis leaf and dairy products together. THCheese makes medicated, gourmet foods like Foie Gras, Camembert, Fromage Blanc, Seasonal Pickles, Fermented Chile Sauces, and more! So you are getting a chef, cheese maker and a cheese monger all in one. The typography used is balanced and readable to audience. It stands out from other designs with a matured and professional appearance. 


3. The American Cannabis Company

American Cannabis Company

Simple and professional design doesn't get better than this. It's all professional from the brands point of view. It expertly sets their logo in varying shades of green with the brand name separated by a yellow line. The typography is readable and you know what the brand has to offer to it's consumers.


4. American Indican

American Indican

Who knows about the Cannabis if not the Native Indians who have been using this for as long as history knows. The logo expertly combines the Native American wearing an head gear made of Cannabis. It's a bold and illustrative logo, while it communicates what the brand is all about. It also in way targets the Cannabis loving tribe to patronize them more. 


5. Mirth Provision


An adorable and great logo design by the brand. It has a squirrel which symbolizes a fun time. It stands out and gives the user  what they can expect when using their product. It is designed in a crest like symbol and it nicely incorporates the company name which can be easily used for branding and packaging.  


6. Marley Natural

Marley Natural

When we talk about logos that exudes leadership, authority and independence this brand's logo has it all.  The brands makes use of a lion which is considered the king of the jungle. The lion exudes dominance and translates the positioning of the brand. The typography used is top notch and is a simple Sans Serif font. They are the official Bob Marley cannabis brand.


This is by no means an exhaustive list, but just some of the ones that stand out to me.  A well designed logo goes a long way in helping brand recognition and ultimately sales growth. A good logo is professional, simple, easy to read and attractive. Keep it simple!  With the above company logos mentioned, you should have a pretty good idea of what kind of logo you need for your brand.  If not feel free to reach to us for a custom quote !

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