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Diamond Life [short story]

‘live your best life, every time’


What do we have here?”  Rashon ruffled his hair as if he was a little kid. “What are you like, 19? You remind me of Frodo, you know, from Lord of the Rings.  I love that movie.”  Leo slapped his hand away and walked towards the house.  He adjusted his freshly cut hair.

“Nice to meet you too,” he said with sarcasm.
“What’s going on, I got this invitation for a life altering reunion. So I’m here.”

“Yes, of course you’re here, where else would you be.”

“I’m going to ignore whatever you’re rambling about.  I have a gallery show coming up in a few weeks.  Just want to get back to the city.”  Leo walked into the beautiful beach mansion.  The visitors gathered in the grand ballroom around a cherry wood table. There was something familiar, like he knew them from a past life or something.  They all turned their heads when Leo and Rashon sat at the rustic table.

“I want to thank all of you for your efforts in coming here.  I know it was harder for some than others.”  An old man slowly stood up and adjusted his tie. 

“Hello Leo, my name is Gene. The time has come, I mean it’s been a long time coming, well in every man’s life there is a moment of truth.  Leo, this is your moment.”
Leo leaned onto the table, his hand supporting his chin. “OohKay, what is this truth ?”

“There’s something that you need to know about the past, present and future.  A secret that our family has kept for centuries.”

“Alright already, just tell him, it won’t make a difference anyway. He couldn’t even figure it out on his own, like everyone else.”  Rashon said in his normal annoying tone.
Gene grabbed his cane and slowly walked over to Leo.  The room was silent except for low lull of the waves, as each soft unsteady step was like watching paint dry.  He finally reached Leo.

“Give me a second to catch my breath, I’m not as young as I used to be.  Can you get me some water ?”  No one moved a muscle. “Ah nevermind.  Listen, do you remember a couple years ago when you received a medallion for your birthday?”  Leo pulled the cuban link chain out of his shirt and held the silver pendant.

“Yeah, I do.”

“Have you tried to use it?”

“What do you mean use it.  It’s jewelry for decoration.  I don’t even know who sent it or how would I even use it?”  All the participants pulled out their chains, each seemingly identical.

“You have a different set of stone in yours, those particular stones are linked to your past lives.  It’s a cremation diamond.” Gene lightly tugged on his oversized ears. 

“What are you talking about ?”  Leo shook his head in disbelief and confusion.

“What the old man is saying is that,” Rashon interrupted.  “You died in a past life, your ashes were made into these diamonds around your neck. We add a little something extra, which we won’t get into now.  You can use the diamond to go back to past lives.”  Leo was ready to go on a dream vacation to the Swiss Alps hence is hasty attitude.  “For example you can travel to a particular place and time and observe but not interact.  It’s like watching an old movie where you’re the lead.  Pretty cool right?! Ok, now that you know we can all leave and you can get back to your finger painting.”

“OK. But how do I use it ?”

The old man leaned in.

“Put it on the middle of your forehead, your third eye.  You should see visions of places you have been.  Focus on a particular time and you will see and feel your spirit transcend.  I recommend you do this in private.  I like to do it at night as I drift into a deep sleep.  I often wake up with a new perspective on life. Please be mindful that there are side effects, however it differs from person to person, life to life.”

Leo looked around the room, everyone had a long silver chain with a flat pendant covered in concentric circles of glistening diamonds, some bigger and clearer than others.

“What do you mean, family ?” he asked hesitantly.
“We are all family here, connected from the beginning.  Rashon there is your uncle. I’m your granddad.  Obviously I don’t look like you, none of us look alike, but I know you can feel it.”

This was a lot to process for Leo.  He dismissed the obvious questions and went straight to the point.

“So what happens when I die?”

“Well, we burn your body and add a diamond to your medallion.  You come back as yourself, sort of.  Like reincarnation, you know. It will be a different life; you’ll be a different person with a different family. You will be born again, as a baby.  However, you won’t know about your past lives without the pendant, so it will find you or you will find it, doesn’t matter.  In this case it found you.  His grand dad paused. “If.” He chuckled under his breath. “Well, it can sometimes be a challenge to reunite the pendant with the owner but that’s unusual.” Gene lightly clapped his hands to end the conversation.

“Interesting, I guess that’s why my friends say I’m an old soul.”

“OK.  I think he has it.  Can we go now ?  I have some hot toddy and miles of snow waiting for me.”  Rashon stared at the group.

“Bye Rashon.” They all said in unison.
He walked out of the house and into his Ferrari. “I’ll check up on you, maybe.  Keep that pendant on and I can find you.”  Rashon shouted through the open door.

“I guess I should leave now.”  Leo stood up with hesitation.  Not sure of the protocol for the situation.

“Don’t worry son, it’ll all make sense once you tap into your third eye.  Just remember to live your best life every time.”

He walked out of the house and softly shut the door.  He was anxious to get back to the city to see how this thing works and how he could use it for his art.

Leo opened his eyes looking around the room.  His skin cool to the touch.  His body achy, riddled by arthritis.  He reached for his pendant and glasses, putting them on gently. He managed to roll out of bed and walked onto his penthouse suite balcony.  The fresh sea air caressed his wrinkled bald head.  He always enjoyed a good transient in the morning.  He toyed with the diamond encrusted silver plate in his hands while enjoying the tropical sunrise. Smiling as the new day warmed his old face.

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