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there are all kinds of people people who love people who hate people who love to hate people who are racist and discriminate people that talk the talk people who walk the walk weak people that need help strong people that know self people who play and have fun people that cry and never won people who lie and deceive those people you can't believe people who are sincere and people you can really feel people who have direction and are smart people that don't know where to go or where to start people who work hard at their job...

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plugged in tuned out eyes locked in zoned out to media interaction breath in breath out all the plastic and pussy caged in the clouds suffocating from the smoke high on drama low on karma what’s this life all about   frozen in time as the loop loops around your mind disconnected from the world plugged into the lie let it sit marinate in it soak and saturate time infinite squeeze the hands of time slow it down unwind the moment in your mind absorb what it is down to your bones this moment is your’s alone  under the earth ...

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