Thank You for making it this far!  Our goal is to provide answers to any questions you may have about our brand.  Below is a list of common questions and answers.  Any unanswered questions, please feel free to email jcaze@paperxpencil.com.


Q:  What does PXP even mean ?

A:  PXP is an acronym for paper x pencil.  The 'X' is a contemporary way to say AND.  


Q:  Do you guys sell paper or pencils ?

A:  No we do not.  I get it; it can seem confusing.  Our brand name, paperxpencil is a metaphor for simple designs and fundamentals concepts.  


Q: What is your design process ?


We collect information about the project, analyze competitors, and audit the existing identity to clearly understand the task and have a strong foundation for the upcoming work.

Visual positioning:
Based on the competitive landscape and the target audience, we create a visual positioning of the brand. We go through several exercises to define the critical characteristics of the future visual brand identity.

Brand mood and attributes:
This phase is vital for identifying a cloud of attributes such as adjectives and nouns and then group them. And then, we prepare mood-boards for each of the logical groups.

Style guide:
Our final output is a visual brand identity guide that combines all basic visual assets like logo, wordmark, typefaces, and other materials in one delivery. It allows our startup clients team to have a single source of truth and set some rules for visually consistent use of the brand across all touch-points, starting from marketing websites, social media, product design, and more.


Q:  How long does it take to design a logo ?

A:  It depends on the information that is provided.  If the brand values are clearly defined it typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks.  Please contact us with pertinent details and I'm sure we can create something legendary.  


Q:  What if I don't like the final design ?

A:  We have a 100% guarantee.  There won't be any surprises as we will be communicating with you during the entire design process. With multiple revisions we will ensure you are satisfied!


Q:  How much is this going to cost ?

A:  Our pricing is hourly based.  It can be as low as $250 or as high as $3000. Essentially depends on what information is provided (i.e. sketch, colors, slogan) and the type of logo you need (wordmark, icon-based, symbols and badges).  Each type demands a specific time frame to produce quality work that fits your company values.  It's best to request a free custom quote.  


Q:  Can I use or copy artwork from this site ?

A:  Any and all artwork may not be reproduced or resold without the express permission of the owner, paperxpencil©.