Thank You for making it this far!  Our goal is to provide answers to any questions you may have about our brand.  Below is a list of common questions and answers.  Any unanswered questions, please feel free to email jcaze@paperxpencil.com.


Q:  What does PXP even mean ?

A:  PXP is an acronym for paper x pencil.  The 'X' is a contemporary way to say AND.  


Q:  What do you do exactly?

A:  We specialize in designing graphic Ts and other apparel that draws inspiration from the beach and all the benefits of being in nature.  


Q:  What does it mean?

A:  Our brand name, paperxpencil is symbolic for getting back to your true nature thru reflection by exploring your inner thoughts outdoors.  Get some sun!


Q:  Can I use or copy artwork from this site ?

A:  Any and all artwork may not be reproduced or resold without the express permission of the owner, paperxpencil©.