paperxpencil© Partner Program

A paperxpencil© [PXP] partner is someone who is passionate about nature and truly experiencing the transformative power of the elements.  As an PXP partner you will spread the message of PXP, which is to showcase the spiritual and physical benefits of being in nature; specifically the beach. It’s about inspiring everyone in your community to walk outside and embrace a cool morning breeze or absorb the sunlight of the golden hour. 

It’s an exclusive  program to be a part of that is FULL of contests, giveaways and insights into PXP products. You join a community that loves nature as much as you do. You all will help us come up with product names and pick designs! You’re a part of the PXP tribe, and we look forward to the experiences ahead!

To get started, fill out the form below by telling us a little about yourself and your love for the elements (sun, sky, sea, sand).