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People Watch [poem]

there are all kinds of people

people who love

people who hate

people who love to hate

people who are racist and discriminate

people that talk the talk

people who walk the walk

weak people that need help

strong people that know self

people who play and have fun

people that cry and never won

people who lie and deceive

those people you can't believe

people who are sincere and people you can really feel

people who have direction and are smart

people that don't know where to go or where to start

people who work hard at their job

people who only know to steal and rob

people that go to church and sing

people that simply do the wrong thing

people who live life on the edge reckless 

people that only devour and always selfish

there are all kinds of people

which one of them is you or 

you could be a combination of more than two

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