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Stutz [review]

There is an interesting documentary on Netflix called Stutz.  In this interview style documentary which is produced by Jonah Hill, Dr. Stutz is a well respected celebrity therapist answering questions on his methods of therapy. Within the first 10 minutes he offers a simple tool that can help his clients work thru complicated issues.  One of the concepts he introduces is the life force and the associated triangle.  The highest level of the triangle is about the relationship with yourself. Listen to this audio clip about writing/journaling.


" the writing is like a mirror, it reflects what's going on in your unconscious and things will come out, if you write in a journal form that you didn't know that you knew "

So go to the beach and write.  It helps me and I'm sure it can help you discover some inner peace. 

I recommend watching the entire film which is available on Netflix.

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