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there are all kinds of people people who love people who hate people who love to hate people who are racist and discriminate people that talk the talk people who walk the walk weak people that need help strong people that know self people who play and have fun people that cry and never won people who lie and deceive those people you can't believe people who are sincere and people you can really feel people who have direction and are smart people that don't know where to go or where to start people who work hard at their job...

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‘live your best life, every time’   What do we have here?”  Rashon ruffled his hair as if he was a little kid. “What are you like, 19? You remind me of Frodo, you know, from Lord of the Rings.  I love that movie.”  Leo slapped his hand away and walked towards the house.  He adjusted his freshly cut hair. “Nice to meet you too,” he said with sarcasm. “What’s going on, I got this invitation for a life altering reunion. So I’m here.” “Yes, of course you’re here, where else would you be.” “I’m going to ignore whatever you’re...

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